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How We Are Addressing COVID-19

Dr. Healthcare Tech (DHCT) is uniquely positioned to assist providers with preventing contact with COVID-19 while increasing access through telemedicine.  By leveraging DHCT’s suite of virtual care management programs (Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Telemedicine) DHCT has already established connectivity with practitioners, patients, and a delivery model to engage patients at risk.

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Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Chronic Care Management with DHCT is a turnkey experience without outsourcing the critical components of your program which is the actual engagement with your patients.  DHCT believes you should never be required to outsource your CCM program.  Contact us today to discuss our approach to implement and scale your program.

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Contingency Telemedicine

Leverage our virtual call center relationship with Five9 and our ability to manage a virtual call center utilizing your resources and our staff augmentation services.  Specifically for patients who are homebound or who have restricted access to doctors, our Platform provides a turnkey Comprehensive Care Management Program.  A relationship with DHCT will assist in patient management, help patients avoid exposure, and increase access to care through enhanced connectivity with practitioners.

How We Are Addressing COVID-19: Products
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